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Knock At The Cabin Review, Runtime, Length & Trailer - IMDb

A whole family, including a young girl and her parents, is going on vacation in a secluded cabin. and where they are taken hostage by four armed individuals. 

The kidnappers present the family with a difficult decision that they must make in order to prevent the end of the world. The family is cut off from the outside world and must decide what they believe in before it's too late. The situation is dire and the pressure is on for the family to make the right choice.

Knock At The Cabin Review, Runtime, Length & Trailer - IMDb
Knock At The Cabin images

Knock At The Cabin: Review, Runtime, Length & Trailer - IMDb

Knock At The Cabin Movie, Director, Writers & Run Time

  1. Release date: 3 February 2023 (USA)
  2. Genre: Mystery & Thriller, Drama
  3. Release Platform: Disney+ , Disney plus
  4. Director: M. Night Shyamalan
  5. Original Language: English and Hindi
  6. Writers - Jarin Blaschke
  7. Produced by: Ashwin Rajan, M. Night Shyamalan, Marc Bienstock
  8. Knock At The Cabin Movie Runtime: 2h 19 minutes
  9. Production companies: Universal Pictures, Wishbone Entertainment Inc., Blinding Edge Pictures, FilmNation Entertainment

Knock At The Cabin Movie Top cast Names:

  • Dave Bautista - Leonard
  • Jonathan Groff - Andrew
  • Rupert Grint - Redmond
  • McKenna Kerrigan - Actor
  • Ben Aldridge - Eric
  • Abby Quinn - Sabrina
  • Nikki Amuka-Bird - Adriane
  • Kristen Cui - Wen
  • Debbie Lay
  • William Ragsdale - Eric
  • Odera Adimorah
  • Clare Louise Frost

Knock At The Cabin New Official Trailer Reveals:

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Who is the little girl in Knock at the Cabin?

In the Knock at the Cabin Movie, little girl's Name is - Kristen Cui, Movie Name Wen

How can I watch knock at the cabin?

You can watch knock at the cabin movie on - amazon prime video, Netflix & Disney+ Hotstar when the movie was released.

How long is knock at the cabin?

knock at the cabin total runtime is 2h 19 minutes.

who is the writer of Knock At The Cabin movie?

Knock At The Cabin movie writer name is - Jarin Blaschke

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