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National Treasure Season 1 Run Time & Length - Total Episode List

National Treasure season 1 is a popular treasure-hunting mystery – adventure series. this series decided to be released on Disney+. Antonio Cipriano, Zuri Reed, and Lisette Olivera play the lead roles in National Treasure: Edge of History.

Read more to know about the total episode run time and total length of National Treasure season (NT-1) season 1

National Treasure Season 1 Full episode

    National Treasure Season 1, Director, Writers & Run Time

    1. Release date - 14 December 2022
    2. Country - United States
    3. Language - English
    4. Director: Marc Munden
    5. Runtime - 50 minutes
    6. streaming platform - Disney+
    7. Shooting locations - Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
    8. Production companies - Jerry Bruckheimer Television

    National Treasure Season-1 Top cast:

    • Lisette Olivera - Jess Valenzuela
    • Catherine Zeta-Jones - Billie
    • Breeda Wool - Kacey
    • Lyndon Smith - Agent Ross
    • Justin Bartha - Riley Poole
    • Armando Riesco - Agent Hendricks
    • Dustin Ingram - Myles
    • Salena Qureshi - Meena…
    • Darri Ingolfsson - Dario
    • Joseph D. Reitman - Bearded Man…
    • Tommy Savas - Dr. Zeke Hudson
    • Tevin Marbeth - Agent Reynolds…
    • Zuri Reed - Tasha
    • Antonio Cipriano - Oren

    National Treasure Season 1 All Episodes Name and Length of Each Episode & Original release date

    Episode Name Original release date Run Time
    I’m a Ghost 14 December 2022 47 minutes
    The Treasure Map 14 December 2022 46 minutes
    Graceland Gambit 21 December  2022 TBA
    Charlotte 28 December 2022 TBA

    There are a total of 4 episodes in National Treasure: Edge of History. and The length of episode 1 (S1E1) ‘I’m a Ghost’ is 49 minutes.

    And the length of episode 2 (S1E2) ‘The Treasure Map’ is 46 minutes.

    Where to Watch National Treasure: Edge of History

    Discover where to watch National Treasure: Edge of History, popular treasure-hunting TV series. This is where you can watch or Download the National Treasure: Edge of History, popular treasure-hunting movie TV series.

    You can watch the series Disney+ on December 14th. National Treasure Seris is a weekly base series and in each episode, a mystery unfolds.

    National Treasure Season 1 trailer

    National Treasure Season-1 FAQs

    Where to watch the National Treasure season 1 Full Episode?

    All parts of National Treasure season 1 will be streamed on Disney+ every week.

    How many Parts are there in National Treasure season 1?

    There are a total of 4 parts or episodes in National Treasure season 1 Edge of History. and in each episode, a mystery unfolds.

    Is National Treasure: Edge of History a movie?

    No, it is not a movie, it is a tv series released on the Disney+ ott platform. when the National Treasure movie got popular the director decide to make a web series to provide every detail that the movie was messing with.

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