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Lockwood & co Series Release date, Run Time, Total Episode List

Lockwood & co is an upcoming Netflix Detective Supernatural fiction tv series. the very first episode's Release date is 27 January 2023 on Netflix. Directed and written by Joe Cornish. it has a Total of 8 episodes. The original Language is English but many others subtitle is also available. and it is also
available in the Hindi language dubbed.

Lockwood & co Series Release date, Run Time, Total Episode List

Lockwood & co Series Release date, Run Time, Total Episode List
Lockwood & Co Netflix (TV Series 2023) - IMDb

    Lockwood & co Series Release date, Run Time, Writers & Director

    1. First episode Release date: 27 January 2023
    2. Genre: Detective fiction, Supernatural fiction
    3. Release Platform: Netflix Official Site
    4. Director: Joe Cornish
    5. Original Language: English & Hindi
    6. Writers: Joe Cornish
    7. Producer: Jonathan Stroud
    8. Total episode: 8 episodes.
    9. Production companies: Complete Fiction

    Lockwood & co Tv Series Top cast Names:

    • Luke Treadaway - The Golden Blade
    • Morven Christie - Penelope Fittes
    • Ruby Stokes - Lucy Carlyle
    • Paddy Holland - Bobby Vernon
    • Rhianna Dorris - Kat Godwin
    • Ivanno Jeremiah - Inspector Barnes
    • Cameron Chapman - Anthony Lockwood
    • Ali Hadji-Heshmati - George Karim
    • Hayley Konadu - Flo Bones
    • Jack Bandeira - Quill Kipps
    • Ishtar Currie Wilson - Annabel Ward
    • Jemma Moore - Annabel Ward
    • Ben Crompton - Barns
    • Benjamin Chivers - Canary
    • Nicola Wright - Woman at Kings Cross
    • Shalini Peiris - Coroner

    When will Lockwood & co Series premiere on Netflix?

    Lockwood & co Tv Series is officially confirmed to premiere on Netflix on 27 January 2023.

    Lockwood & co Tv Series Official Trailer Reveals:

    Lockwood & co Series - FAQ

    Is there romance in Lockwood and Co?

    Lockwood and Co Detective Supernatural fiction series and there is nothing romantic between the main characters.

    How many Lockwood books are there?

    Lockwood series has a total of five books in the Screaming Staircase series.

    Where can I watch Lockwood?

    you can watch the Lockwood series on Netflix's official site.

    Is the Lockwood and Co series finished?

    yes, Lockwood and Co series finished its filming and is ready to release on Netflix.

    Lockwood and co tv series release date?

    Lockwood and co tv series release date is 27 January 2023.

    Lockwood and co tv series trailer?

    Lockwood and co tv series trailer is available on youtube and the IMDb sites.

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